AAU CubeSat was a CubeSat built and operated by students from Aalborg University in Denmark. AAU CubeSat was launched on 30 June 2003 from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome on a Russian "Rockot" rocket. The satellite was alive for two and a half months, during which some data was received on Earth; however, it was never possible to establish a solid communication link. It is thought that there was a problem with the on-board transmitter. The aluminum frame was milled from a solid block to ensure that a strong and lightweight frame was created.

AAU CubeSat's payload is a CMOS digital camera. It has a resolution of 1.3 megapixels and has a color depth of 24 bit. From the satellite's 900 km altitude, the camera will capture pictures with a resolution of 120x110 m per pixel. The camera-chip was provided by a company called Devitech which is in Aalborg. The Copenhagen Optical Group and the mechanical group developed the lens system. The structure for the lens system is made out of titanium.

The communications systems on the satellite are composed of a modem and a radio. The radio is a SX450 type radio from Wood and Douglas. It broadcasts at 500 mW. The modem is a MX909 chip. It runs at 9600 baud and has many features such as: The ADCS aims the camera in the right direction, (away from the sun) and positions all three sides with solar panels to be facing the sun for maximum power output. The satellite is positioned by three coils of wire that generate a magnetic field that interacts with Earth's magnetic field.

Larry Lewis Hoppen (January 12, 1951 – July 24, 2012) was a co-founder, vocalist and guitarist of the pop-rock group Orleans. Orleans was formed in Woodstock, New York in January 1972 by Hoppen, vocalist/guitarist/songwriter (and future member of Congress) John Hall, and drummer/percussionist Wells Kelly. In October 1972, Hoppen's younger brother Lance joined the group on bass guitar. Larry sang lead on Orleans' two biggest hits, "Still the One" and "Dance with Me.

Hoppen died of undisclosed causes on July 24, 2012. The brothers had been scheduled to perform in a concert sponsored by morning TV's "Fox & Friends" on July 27. It was subsequently announced that the group's scheduled tour dates would be cancelled. He is survived by his wife, Patricia, and his daughters Claire and Maeve. The cause of death was later revealed as suicide according to a eulogy posted on Beth Schafer's Facebook page.