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Honduras, a side wheel steamer, was built in 1861 at New York City and purchased from her owner, Simeon Ackerman, 31 July 1863. Converted to Navy use, she commissioned at New York Navy Yard 8 September 1863, Acting Lieutenant T. Stites in command. Assigned as a supply boat and dispatch.

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Steamer with the East Gulf Blockading Squadron, Honduras sailed for Key West, Florida, soon after commissioning. She carried mail and dispatches, and in addition served on the blockade which so effectively strangled southern commerce and strength.

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She captured British blockade-runner Mail in the Gulf of Mexico 15 October 1863, and early the next year supported a joint operation at the mouth of the Caloosahatchie River. Honduras carried troops to the mouth of the river and disembarked them 4 January 1864. In addition to her regular dispatch duties, the steamer also participated in the capture of Tampa, Florida, by joint expedition, 4–7 May 1864. Honduras, with USS Sunflower and USS James L.